Tuesday, 16 September 2014


It is risky to experiment, but without risk nobody ever succeed and such a risk has been taken by Temperley London, when combining two of its lines, main one and Alice. The result of this try is really impressive. Collection is strong, modern and young.

What can you find here? Everything what you may need during Spring-Summer season. From suits and playsuits, through skirts and dresses. In between them are being smuggled white shirts (owh, this white shirt looks!)- so classy and so young with it's use in open form. Another element which delights is usage of checked pattern. So here we have it's variations both in colour and texture. There are wonderful black and white checked pants, gorgeous red and white dresses as well as pattern embroidered or pressed.

There could be no better idea to match looks with simple yet sophisticated flat trainers. It was a way to perfectly polish these summer looks with accompany of scarfs and sunglasses. Perfect looks for all occasions from stroll on the beach in Saint Tropez to gala in NYC. 

Monday, 15 September 2014


When fashion shows starts all eyes are focused on the catwalk, models and the designer. Lets do not forget though, that Fashion Weeks are not only what designers have to say but also about what audience was actually wearing. Front raw of the shows gathers all the most famous celebrities, fashion editors, bloggers who for this special occasion are wearing the most glamorous, revolting and chic looks. Here is couple of my favourite Street Style Photos from NYFW SS2015.


 Do you want to meet an army of woman, who are aware of their value, femininity and independence? If yes, visit Marc Jacobs boutique in upcoming season SS2014.   

This is very consistent collection, with natural palette of colours and sharp elements making it distinctive and very expressive. Hips and shoulders are wide and outlined, while silhouette is cut in waist with oversized belt. We have here dresses for various occasions- from day dresses through cocktail dresses and gowns- and all garments are alluding military suits. The difference though is in focus, because Jacobs showing how feminine uniforms can be. To reach this effect he is exchanging raw denim with luxurious, transparent and/or shiny fabric .

Cleopatra-alike hairstyled models are equipped with comfortable flat footwear as well as chic purses, bags and bag packs. These girls are ready to face everyday conflicts and win them in classy and chic style.