Friday, 21 November 2014


As per Friday i want to offer you guys a bit of good TRAP music by Andrew Darren, to whose gig I am going tonight.

What do you think of socks? As winter is coming socks are my latest obsession. It all started with #KLAUDIAMARKIEWICZ collection, which I mentioned in THIS post. Since I have seen her's stylization I cannot stop thinking of calf height socks!!!  I love how does it look on leg when its a bit messy and rolled set with shiny ankle height boots for a contrast.

What do you think?

Have a good weekend!

dress TOPSHOP/jacket STRADIVARIUSS/shoes and sunnies H&M/knee hight socks ATMOSPHERE

Thursday, 20 November 2014


Lithuania was the last place I have visited during Baltic trip (impression from Heslinki are HERE, from Tallin HERE and from Latvia HERE)

To travel from Riga to Lithuania I have chosen EcoLines (website HERE). Strenght of Ecolines busses is that you have internet connection via wifi regardless in which country you are. Weakness is that the seats are not very comfy. Additionally the bus did not come on time, which was not an issue for me, but bare that in mind.

Lithuania, as I have seen it, is a ideal place to associate with nature. I stayed at my friends place in Kursenai, which is a small village placed in the middle of wild forests. My friend took me for a trip through these woods, we have been weaving through it for hours till we get to the spot with high rail bridge. From it's very top amazing view of  all neighborhood can be admired, but unfortunately I was too afraid of height to climb to the top and at the end enjoyed landscapes from where my feet felt safe.

Another amazing thing in Kursenai are lakes. We were waking up early in the morning and going to swim in the lake located just 5 minutes away from my friend's house. It was so refreshing! After many years swearing that I will never ever move to the village, this amazing experience made me to start changing my mind.

What to eat in Lithuania? Everything! Beginning with amazing sweets such as Saldus Kukurudzaj, through all the traditional dishes, soup served in loaf of bread to the cooked white cheese. All of it taste delicious!

Place to visit? Definitely HILL OF CROSSES. It is one of sanctuary in Lithuania and I belive that name of it is self-explanatory- it is a place, where you can leave a cross with intention of bringing luck to you and people you care about. Great idea, so I left a cross there as well. It is for well being of my family and friends and it is indeed bringing good luck!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


The most wanted accessories this winter is definitely blanket-scarf!

My obsession with blanket scarf started last year during trip to Lisbon (impressions of travel HERE). I have noticed that every Portugeese girl had over sized scarf  to cover herself with. Having their image in my mind I lust one! After a research on the market I found this beautiful piece from Zara (website HERE) and I think this is THE ONE that will enrich my wardrobe.

I think it is gonna look amazing with ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING (!), what do you think?

Have a good evening.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


There was one morning, back in UK, when I woke up and knew that something has changed in my perception of life. This morning part of my consciousness that was dormant, woke up and started to scream out loud. Screaming part was one responsible for making my dreams becoming true and it was furious with my behavior. After being for myself too kind I had to face the truth- trip that was suppose to make me strong and help me to develop my passions ended up to be a nightmare presenting one of the worst scenarios of my life I could imagine. I felt trapped! 

That morning make me to wonder how does it happen, that some people succeed in their lives, while others got stuck in between what they want and what they are given. I started to think how to improve my life and how to transform it to the one I am dreaming about.


I was always a do-kind of person with half full glass of water*1. There was nothing impossible for me and I used to get annoyed when hearing word IMPOSSIBLE. I tend to repeat: 'Nothing is impossible, unless someone doesn't want to make it happen!' and I strongly believe in it.

This is how I was living my life, firstly when I was a kid (I wanted to play violin- I played), than when I was a teenager (I wanted to write stories- I did) and later when I was a student (I wanted to move to Indonesia- I did). This very morning when I woke up in UK, feeling totally hopeless I thought: 'What have I done wrong, that despite plans I had, I end up in a life I was so embarrassed about???' I believe that acknowledging that something went wrong is first step to improve.


It may sound simple and obvious, but success is indeed  progressive realization of a worthy ideal. 'Worthy ideal' is a flexible and cleaver term, so it can be underlay with whatever one can imagine. If any ideal can be realized, than whatever one will imagine can be done. I asked myself : If there is so much space in this term and it is so open than why MY dreams cannot became true???

I found an answer when listening to a lecturer when hearing: 'Imagine ship that do not have any destination'. Where will it go, will it even leave a harbor? Probably not. Same is with our dreams and goals, if we wont set any up, we will not be driven by any forces to proceed them. Setting up the goal is the thing that need to be done, when hoping to become successful. No one can achieve anything without field in which he/she can be successful.


Now with set up goal and having desire to reach it, the how-to process has to be created. To help youreslf make notes, draw a map, write a synopsis, choose whatever is most comfortable for you, as it is to make your life easier. Think of small steps to get closer to your aim and make them. And please do not treat this personally, but STOP WASTING TIME FOCUS ON IMPROVEMENT INSTEAD.

Driven by passion let yourself to sacrifice some parts of your life to improve others. Think again of your main goal and think of all the things you have done day before to get closer to it. Need some stimulation? Try 'The rule of 5 things' advised by #BodoScheafer. Each day write on a piece of paper 5 things that made you proud of yourself that day. Not long after you will start making such listS, you will see how your overall life will improve.


Do you sometimes have a feeling that you do all what I wrote above, but still something gets wrong? Unfortunately, I have to admit, even if you follow all the advices given by 'all-the-smartest-people', something will not go as you imagine. We are not machines and there is no universal instruction 'how to be successful' with which we are getting born. Each of us is different and has to find their own way. It is normal and natural that we make mistakes, so lets look at them as signs to teach us how to do better than before and give us view on what can be done differently.

Learning to fail and do not give up is one of the most important abilities. My fitness trainer often says 'Why when choose success, failure is an option?'*5 so once you walk on the path of success work hard and you will see fruits of it.

*1 to oppose all them who see glass half empty and never have power to do anything

*2 #EarlNightingale
*3 #Napoleon
*4 #WinstonChirchil
*5 #JillianMichaels

My latest look:

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Monday, 17 November 2014


Weekend has ended, but for me free time means work, work, work... Why??? Simply because I know what I want and where I wanna be in couple of years. I know that I can get there just with hard work and I try to devote every moment in my life to it. 

Being so focused may be hard and meet many difficulties... All of us wants sometimes to go for a party or simply lie and do nothing... Everytime when I feel I have bit of a breakdown and I need more motivation I need someone to remind me what am I fighting for, so I am vey glad one of my friends shown me THIS article about how do we sabotage our lives without even knowing it. I found it very inspiring. Check it out, you wont regret it.

Not only to be inspired spiritually I found some visuals, which match to my vision of 'how-i-want-look' this week. I found these pics on blog I follow VictoriaTornegren'sKris SugatanCarolines ModeWho Wear What, The Chilli Cool ans others. 

Thursday, 13 November 2014


Do you like movies??? I do love to watch GOOD movies, but for quite a while i didn't see any, which would move me or made me emotional, but as you probably predict already that has recently it has changed for the case of The Grand Budapest Hotel.

I don't wanna spoil it for you, so wont say much about the plot. Movie is a story of the hotel and it is shown with use of amazing pictures (THIS DECORATION IS TO DIE FOR!) and with usage of amazing language- masterpiece of screenwriting!

If you don't have plans for weekend, you can give it a shoot!


Tuesday, 11 November 2014


What makes you inspired? I like to surround myself with images I can refere to. While working on my map I do lots of webbrawsing and see lots of amazing pieces. here is set of pics that made me inspired. You have here some of looks of my favourite bloggers Mariana De BuchiKris SugatanPernille Teisbaek and others.

If you feel that in any way i violated copyrights for your picture, please let me know so I will either list you here or remove this picture from my blog.